Can men get cosmetic injections? The simple answer is, yes. Let’s explore why.

The benefits of injectables for men

It is true that with age comes wisdom, but so do fine lines and sagging skin. It is your choice if you age naturally or take matters into your own hands and fine-tune the outcome.

Injectable treatment types can benefit men, particularly when it comes to the definition and refinement of facial features.

By booking a free consultation at your local SILK, you can discuss your desired outcomes to achieve a natural-looking transition.

Anti Wrinkle Injections for men

The SILK team take the time to speak with you about your desired result and will formulate a plan to treat your areas of concern.

From targeting frown lines (between the brow) to crow’s feet (side of eyes) Anti-Wrinkle injections are effective reducing the muscles ability to contract. This relaxing of the muscles visibly reduces wrinkles and results are noticeable with 5-10 days with results lasting for approximately 4 months after this period the area can be retreated or the muscle movement will return to normal. SILK Nurse Injectors have the knowledge and know-how to treat male faces ensuring the right techniques are used.

Dermal Filler Injections for men

Dermal fillers, put simply add volume. They are used to restore lost volume or to create volume where there was none. Men particularly like to treat the jawline to create a masculine chisled appearance or the cheeks to create definition and symmetry.  The term filler may sound confronting, but you need not be intimidated.

The dermal fillers used at are premium quality and made from a substance found naturally in the body.

If you’re curious about Cosmetic Injections we recommend booking in for a consultation with our experienced team, we’re here to answer your questions and provide you with SILK’s gold standard service.

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