Whether you’re looking to correct asymmetry, add volume to thinning lips or smooth the lines around the mouth, lip filler can make a difference.

In preparation for your consultation and first lip filler treatment, you may feel a little nervous – which is normal. Under the care of our medical team of doctors and registered nurses, the process is professional at every step.

Here are our top tips to ensure a smooth process from booking to post-treatment:

Make a booking

Choosing someone qualified, and experienced is essential. At SILK, our cosmetic Injector team of experienced doctors and registered nurses are trained to the highest standard, with industry-leading practices. We always recommend doing your research and hand-picking someone who specialises in your specific goals – check your local SILK nurse’s Instagram page and Google reviews.

Book a consultation that best suits your availability using our online booking request form https://silklaser.com.au/booking-request-cosmetic-inject/ or call your preferred clinic.

The consultation

Take advantage of your time with our medical staff and ask as many questions as you need. From the benefits of the industry-leading products we use to the best way to minimise bruising, we enjoy spending time educating clients on our best practices.

  • Ask to see before and after photos

Our nurses have extensive portfolios where they can showcase their work. Seeing their client’s results will give you an idea of what is a realistic result and how injectables can compliment your features.

  • Your medical history

During your consult, your injector will ask to run through your medical history to ensure suitability for your desired treatment and your individual goals.

The treatment

We recommend you attend your appointment with little-to-no makeup and ensure you are well-hydrated and fed beforehand. Avoid alcohol and painkillers such as ibuprofen before and after treatment as they can thin the blood and make you prone to bruising.

After your treatment

The treated area must not be massaged for at least 48 hours, and excessive heat should be avoided for 24-48 hours post-treatment. We advise you avoid domestic flights for 48 hours and international flights for up to 2 weeks.

Swelling is normal after a lip treatment and can be combated with an ice pack for comfort.

Before leaving the clinic, be sure to book a follow-up review with your injector 2-4 weeks after your treatment.

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