I’ve been having Anti-Wrinkle treatments for four years now. The opportunity presented itself the week of my 40th birthday and I thought I’d give it a go. It was more a ‘what the hey!’ moment than a desperate clutching at my long-gone youth. I actually love getting older it’s a wild ride and I’ve enjoyed every stage, my crazy twenties and rewarding thirties are gone and I’m excited about my 40s. My decision to have Anti-Wrinkle injections was not about looking younger, it’s really quite simple; I just want to look good for my age. Is that vain? – Yes, a little bit!

Having needles put in your face can be quite confronting at first. My concerns at my very first anti-wrinkle appointment is the same as they are today, 4 years later. They haven’t changed and I go over it at every appointment with my injector, even though she knows and we’ve discussed it many times.

I don’t want to look frozen. While some like this look, it is absolutely not for me! I like to have a bit of movement and expression. For me, it’s a very important part of communication, I use my eyebrows when I talk, and I like it that way, so that’s the first thing I say to my SILK cosmetic nurse. I’m very happy for my ‘11’s’ (The lines between your eyebrows when you squint your eyes) or Glabellar as it’s technically known to disappear. I don’t have much in the way of forehead wrinkles but I do get a small amount of treatment there to keep my whole face looking fresh.

Don’t mess with my eyebrows. Sometimes anti-wrinkle injections are used to lift the brow. If not executed well this can cause ‘spocking’ as in, Dr Spock from Star Trek. It can sometimes be the permanent look of surprise so be sure your injector is experienced and knows exactly where to place the product to avoid this.

The social impact: I’ve told a few friends about my Anti-Wrinkle injections, usually if it comes up in general conversation and I’m happy to upfront about it. I don’t make a fuss about it at all. I’ve found there are the ‘I’d love to do that’ type friends and others who it would never cross their mind to do it. I like that. To each there own.

I’ve found the more you communicate and chat with your injector about your likes and dislikes the more they will understand what you are after. This is very important to being happy with your results. If it’s your first time I recommend you make the most of your consultation, ensure you are comfortable and ask your injector lots of questions.

Lastly, it’s your business. Tell people if you want to or enjoy your secret. It’s up to you!