Like any area of the face, chins come in all shapes and sizes. Chins can be small, cleft, receding, pointed, square and more. Our chins even change as we age. As we grow older, various changes occur including changes to the facial bones. This can create a recession of the chin, a deepened chin crease and more active muscle which can result in dimpling of the chin.

Chin fillers are growing in popularity at SILK Laser Clinics with many clients opting for this aesthetic treatment to either look younger or change their aesthetic by improving proportion and symmetry.

With instant results, no downtime, and in a few cases a little swelling or light bruising it is no wonder it is becoming a desirable treatment.

Dermal filler is used by SILK Cosmetic Injectors to achieve;

A projected chin is an attractive feature that provides balance and enhances the jawline. Dermal filler will add volume to a recessed chin improving the profile of the face.

Adding volume to a short chin achieves balance by bringing the lower face into proportion with the mid and upper face.

Achieve the triangle
A heart shaped face is one of the most desirable and attractive face shapes and enhancing the chin can help to create this feminine silhouette. In addition to this, as we age, the lower portion of the face widens, and we refer to this as the ‘pyramid of age’. Chin filler, in combination with other fillers in the upper face can reverse this aged appearance and create the ‘triangle of youth’

Stronger chin
Men can benefit from chin enhancement too. Dermal filler can be used to widen the appearance of the chin creating a stronger chin and masculine chiseled appearance.

Add structure and volume
Creases, clefts and dimples can be improved or erased by adding structure and volume to support the surrounding tissue eliminating indentations.

What you need to know

How much filler will I need?
Every face is different so the amount of filler required to achieve your desired outcome can vary. Many clients achieve the result they are after with our Dermal Duo package $889

How long will results last?
Filler lasts approximately 9-12 months. The product is eventually metabolised by the body. As every body is different some clients may have a longer lasting effect that others.

Does it hurt and is there down time?
Numbing cream is applied to minimize discomfort and most clients just feel a small amount of pressure. Treatment is completed within 10 -15 minutes.

Why should choose a SILK Cosmetic Injector?
At SILK our Cosmetic Injectors are trained to the highest industry standards and on the most advanced techniques. Our medical team will always listen to your concerns, talk you through the process and work with you to obtain achievable outcomes for your desired treatment.

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