Anti Wrinkle Injection Prices

Product Per Unit
Anti Wrinkle Injections 0-50 Units $11.90
Anti Wrinkle Injections 51 + Units $9.90

Anti Wrinkle Injection Guide

Treatment Area Units Required Total Price
Between Eyebrows 12-30 units $142-357
Forehead Lines 8-25 units $95-297
Crows Feet 12-35 units $142-416

At SILK Laser Clinics, we aim to create long lasting and natural looking results which are designed to enhance your overall appearance using Anti-wrinkle injections and Dermal Fillers.

We pride ourselves on setting best practice standards to ensure your complete comfort and safety. We believe it is important to strictly follow legal and medical guidelines in relation to cosmetic injectables treatments so you can enjoy peace of mind and the guarantee that you are receiving the highest level of service possible.

To achieve this, we have a doctor available in one of our clinics, 5 days a week, to ensure that your initial consultation and 12 month review is an in-person appointment with a highly qualified and experienced doctor.

Our highly skilled and specially qualified medical team offer a FREE comprehensive consultation where a detailed and individualized Beauty Plan will be developed outlining all of your treatment options. Using the most current products and treatments techniques our passionate and dedicated team will work with you to achieve fantastic, natural looking results.

Because at SILK, we think you deserve nothing less.

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  • The team at SILK Laser Clinics provide a FREE Consultations for all our services in all our state of the art clinics

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