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Nurse Kayla Vitale

Nurse Kayla is qualified Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector with a background in primary health care. With a consistent and longstanding passion for cosmetic injectables, Nurse Kayla has a desire to create an aesthetic appearance for all those who seek symmetry and facial harmony without the need for surgical intervention. She is a passionate and caring individual who wants to create a longstanding relationship with all of her potential and future clients. Nurse Kayla wants you to be able to feel confident in your own skin to help you feel your best!

Nurse Kayla is always improving her skills and seeking further study to do so. Evidence based practice is her philosophy and she is committed to being the best injector she can be! Nurse Kayla is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science (Honours) to increase her researching skills and a Diploma in Acute Care Nursing to gain solid foundations to combat any situation she may find herself in- rest assured you’re in safe hands!

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