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Isabella Doruk

Nurse Isabella, or better known as Nurse Izzy’s nursing career started in the city of Perth approximately ten years ago. She started as an Enrolled Nurse navigating her way through the acute care and rehabilitation wards in the hospital – shortly followed by community care in the rural remote areas of QLD.

Izzy decided to continue her nursing studies, moving back to Perth – and became a registered nurse specialising in acute surgical wards in a Perth hospital. The time spent working in the hospital gave her valuable knowledge and experience that allowed her to develop impeccable understanding of her patients requirements and needs. With a lifelong passion for creativity and beauty Nurse Izzy then moved her nursing career to cosmetic injecting and hasn’t looked back since.

Izzy has a gentle and empathetic approach to her patients needs and always goes above and beyond to exceed their expectations.  She also
 uses her experience to form a critical thinking and holistic viewpoint of injectable treatments, all whilst dedicating herself to professional development and improving her skills by implementing the best possible evidence based practice.

Emma Krix

Nurse Emma served seven years in the Army full time as a Medic, on leaving the military she made the transition across to cosmetic nursing with SILK. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Nursing, Diploma of Nursing, Diploma of Paramedicine, Cert III Pathology, Cert III Sterilisation, Cert IV Leadership and Management, and Cert IV Training and Assessment.

Emma has a fine eye for detail and a very high standard of work when it comes to cosmetic injectables.

Emma believes that cosmetic nursing is such a customised and personal experience that should compliment her clients natural features.

Her goal is to create a safe environment for people to come and feel accepted and respected, with her clients leaving feeling more confident and empowered.

Libby Kingdon

Nurse Libby is an experienced nurse with a background in ICU, Emergency and Theatre who is originally from the Gold Coast QLD, but now calls Rockingham home.

She is passionate about enhancing her clients natural beauty and restoring a youthful appearance through cosmetic injectables and her eye for detail.

Libby is committed to her clients satisfaction and develops personalised treatment plans based on a thorough facial assessment while maintaining safe, compassionate and person-cantered care.

She has a natural ability to make people feel right at ease making all her clients comfortable from consultation through to treatment with her beautiful energy and  interpersonal skills, the basis of forming trusting relationships with her clients.

Nurse Libby is dedicated and continually training in new and developing treatments and techniques.

Melanie Gordon

Nurse Mel is a Cosmetic Injector and part time Clinical Nurse with her background mainly being in medicine and respiratory.

She finds that being in the industry and having an understanding of injectable treatments and how they can have a positive impact on someone’s confidence and mental health the most rewarding, and this was what ultimately lead her to becoming a Cosmetic Injector.

Mel is both compassionate and understanding when it comes to creating personalised treatment plans for her clients, using her skills and knowledge to enhance their natural beauty while focusing on self confidence and positive mental health outcomes.

Mia Petrou

Nurse Mia is a qualified Registered Nurse and Cosmetic Injector with a background in operating theatres and peri-operative nursing. After being exposed to daily surgical transformations, Mia was determined to follow her passion and become a cosmetic injector.  Mia’s ambition is to master her craft and create aesthetic transformations without the need for surgery.

Mia has a longstanding career in the beauty industry. As a professional makeup artist for over seven years, she has worked on a diverse range of facial structures allowing her to gain a wealth of experience and knowledge on how symmetry is key when striving to achieve ‘beauty’ and facial harmony.

Mia is a passionate, sincere and caring individual. With an approachable nature and contagious laugh to match, you will feel comfortable and instantly at ease.  Mia is dedicated to helping her clients feel confident and beautiful by enhancing their best features whilst ensuring their safety in the process. Nurse Mia aspires to form longstanding relationships with all, turning clients into family!

Brooke Polson

Nurse Brooke is an experienced Registered Nurse with more than four years experience in the aesthetics industry. She is a qualified Laser and Dermal Therapist, and has worked for SILK since they first opened in Townsville in 2019, so you might recognise this friendly face in clinic where she conducts holistic and individualised treatment plans using her knowledge of all treatments to best suit her clients wants and needs.

Following University, Nurse Brooke was selected for a graduate registered nurse program at the Townsville University Hospital. She values ongoing education and continuous professional development which is evident in her approach and always puts her client’s care to the forefront.

Her philosophy in clinic is enhancing self-care and self-esteem through bespoke aesthetic treatment plans.

Maggie Xing

Nurse Maggie recently joined the team at SILK Balmain and brings with her a wealth of cosmetic knowledge and experience in the hospital and cosmetic industry. As part of her experience, she provided a range of non-invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic injectables, dermal therapies, breast augmentation and liposuction as well as assisting with cosmetic surgical procedures and pre/post patient care.

Nurse Maggie’s injectable experience ranges from anti-wrinkle treatments, to dermal filler including full face rejuvenation, PRP, fat dissolving, hyperhidrosis and PDO threads treatments. Maggie is passionate in achieving desirable and natural results that make her clients feel refreshed and rejuvenated. She has a good understanding of her clients wants and desires and matches that with the most suitable treatment.

Nicole Williams

Nicole is an experienced Registered Nurse, with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing as well as a Graduate Certificate in Primary and Community Health Nursing. Her broad experience and advanced skill set spans across primary and community health as well as in the acute and inpatient settings.

For Nurse Nicole, becoming a cosmetic injector has given her the opportunity to combine her passion for nursing, with her passion for cosmetics and beauty.

Nurse Nicole prides herself in being genuine, creative, enthusiastic and dedicated, with a good eye for detail and a thirst for knowledge and learning. This allows her to keep up-to-date with the latest information, research, techniques and skills in order to achieve the best results for her clients.

Nurse Nicole strongly believes in creating a worthwhile experience for all of her clients by embracing a holistic care approach in order to achieve the best results for the client.

Kathleen Kobak

Nurse Kathleen is a registered nurse with over 30 years of clinical experience in surgical and critical care areas, and 14 years of experience in cosmetic injecting.

Having worked alongside prominent plastic surgeons, she has thorough insight, passion and understanding of facial anatomy.

Kathleen has an enormous passion for aesthetics and sharp eye for detail and her friendly approachable manner helps each client feel confident and comfortable during their treatment

She has an unwavering dedication to her clients and strives to provide the best and most suitable cosmetic outcomes to make the client look and feel confident.

Natasha Traino

Nurse Natasha is a Registered Nurse with 7 years of clinical experience including Medical Imaging and Infection Control.

For Nurse Natasha, being a cosmetic injector allows her to assess her clients facial aesthetics and create a customised treatment plan to suit their individual needs. She is passionate about delivering exceptional client services to ensure client satisfaction. Natasha has a dedicated personality, is friendly & approachable.

She ahs pursued a career as a Cosmetic Nurse due to her passion on wanting to help her clients feel and look their best.

Nicola Meath

Nurse Nicola was born and raised in tropical Queensland where she studied at James Cook University in Cairns and for a short while undertook rural nursing at Atherton, before heading into critical care/intensive care nursing. She then relocated to Western Australia in 2020 with her partner and remained in intensive care nursing, simultaneously while studying a Graduate Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables full time at the Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science.

Nurse Nicola is a hard worker with an enthusiastic attitude and possesses a genuine commitment for client centered care and the furthering of her education and development. She has a strong passion for dermatological and aesthetic nursing and enjoys being able to assist her clients in reaching their individual goals and delivering personalised results that are beautiful and natural.

Alison Platt

Nurse Alison is a Registered Nurse with over 19 years’ experience with her background being a Theatre Nurse specialising in plastic surgery, as well as Peri-Operative, Anaesthetics and Recovery over the years. Developing on her love for ongoing learning, and interest in cosmetic nursing she completed her Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing.

Nurse Alison has a passion for helping people feel confident about their appearance and well-being and looks at the holistic approach when it comes to providing facial assessments and cosmetic treatments.

Nurse Alison will make you feel very comfortable in clinic with her warm attitude. She loves being able to work together with her clients to achieve their goals, making sure it is a positive experience on their individual beauty journey.

Tyla Shepp

Nurse Tyla is an experienced nurse in many specialty areas ranging from Intensive care units to cosmetic clinics.

Her client centred approach which is based on building trust, together with her aesthetic eye and attention to detail are key when it comes to her clients creating a customised individual treatment plan ensuring her clients are well educated. She understands that everyone is unique and her clients receive a comprehensive facial assessment that holistically works to Enhance and or restore facial features and balance.

She uses premium products to contour, refine and define, alternatively correcting asymmetry and providing preventative treatments

Tyla is compassionate, friendly and loves helping people achieve their desired results You will feel right at ease from the consultation stage through to treatment with Tyla’s warm approach, and leave feeling confident in your own skin as when you look your best you feel your best.

Hannah Wiggins

Nurse Hannah is a passionate about educating all her clients through a holistic and realistic approach to healthy, glowing skin.

Not only is she an experienced registered nurse who has always had a profound interest surrounding the aesthetics industry, she also has over five years’ experience working directly for leading plastic and reconstructive surgeons, as well as being a competent laser nurse within their private rooms.

Through her years of working within these reputable plastic and cosmetic teams, Hannah has developed a thorough understanding of a patient’s cosmetic journey and acquired skills to provide a high standard of care to each of her clients.

Hannah also has over five years’ experience within the area of Anaesthetics and Recovery, in which she has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Anaesthetics and Recovery.

Hannah is known for her compassionate nature and realistic approach, ensuring her clients feel comfortable, educated and empowered to feel confident within themselves. Hannah also prides herself on her natural ability of precision and attention to detail.

Hannah applies her philosophy and gentle technique to enhancing natural beauty on herself allowing her to confidently guide her clients to their best too.

Gabrielle Ind

Nurse Gabrielle is an experienced registered nurse with a background in Emergency, Burns and General Practice.

Nurse Gabrielle has a passion for enhancing her clients natural beauty through cosmetic injectables. She loves to improve the confidence of her clients and her warm and friendly nature ensures you will feel comfortable and at ease during appointments. Her creativity and attention to detail ensures tailoring of procedures to each individual clients needs, as cosmetic injectables is not a “one size fits all”.

Brooke Sutherland

Nurse Brooke is a registered nurse with a passion for cosmetic nursing and aesthetics. She is committed to working collaboratively and openly with clients, assuring they are informed about the options available to them. Her friendly and soft nature ensures clients feel comfortable during their treatment.

Nurse Brooke’s goal is to enhance her client’s natural beauty, leaving them feeling confident in their own skin.

Celeste Williams

Celeste is an experienced registered nurse and midwife with over 10 years of clinical experience and patient care. With interests in women’s health and cosmetic nursing, she has a keen eye for detail which allows her to accentuate her clients naturally beautiful features.

Her friendly and approachable manner immediately puts her clients at ease and she will work collaboratively with each client to get their desired results.

Emily Newland

Emily is a registered nurse with experience in general medical, emergency and palliative care settings. Additionally she attained a post graduate certificate in clinical nursing to enhance her practice. Over the years, Emily found herself drawn to cosmetic and aesthetic nursing which was compounded through her own personal experience discovering ways to improve appearance and the subsequent positive ripple effect that had on many aspects of her life.

Emily passionately embraces all learning opportunities to enhance and increase her knowledge and skills to bring clients the best possible outcomes. You will feel right at ease with Emily as she is down to earth, bubbly and loves making her clients feel comfortable and assured they are in capable hands.

Daiana Baragan

Dr Daiana joins SILK with a six-year background of general medicine and surgical training. She has spent her last 18 months working at the Royal Hobart Hospital where she is now training to become a psychiatrist. Nonetheless, Daiana brings a unique twist to the aesthetic world of medicine, combining a truly holistic approach, her own personal passion for beauty while always being able to construct an individualised plan focused on intelligent ageing.

Dr Daiana can use anti-wrinkle and dermal filler products and treatments to subtly enhance the natural beauty for a refreshed appearance and rejuvenated look.

Keahly Abbott

Nurse Keahly is an experienced cosmetic nurse with a love for aesthetic nursing and a passion to help her clients feel confident in their own skin.

Keahly’s friendly, enthusiastic and compassionate personality makes her clients feel comfortable, empowered and leave feeling their absolute best. She strives to deliver fantasitc cosmetic results by tailoring her treatments to each client and working with their natural features.

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