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Nurse Emma De Leo

Perhaps appropriately, Emma’s appearance belies her wealth of experience, with a nursing career that started amidst the life-and-death drama of intensive and coronary care. From that all-consuming debut, she found herself drawn to the somewhat calmer but no-less challenging field of dermatology, in which she gained invaluable knowledge before discovering her ultimate focus as a nurse injector.

This led Emma to a world-renowned plastic surgery, where she worked as both a nurse and nurse injector for 11 years before coming to SILK. Not only has this made her proficient in all the best-practice rejuvenation methods; it’s given her the expertise to determine the appropriate options for each individual case.

With this experience behind her, Emma is acknowledged as a very safe and sympathetic injector with a thorough understanding of facial anatomy. But she doesn’t just have a gentle approach with a needle: her caring nature and personable approach make patients feel comfortable and confident. She is quick to understand what her patients really want, and has the skills to articulate and deliver the results.

Emma regularly attends training courses and conferences to hone her skills and keep up to date with the latest injecting trends. As evidence of her stature, she was one of only three Australians invited to attend the Restylane Asia Pacific aesthetic master class in Hong Kong in 2011.

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