In the noughties: I remember walking in a laser clinic hoping my skin was suitable to end my waxing, plucking and shaving days

One look and the technician behind the counter kindly advised “Unfortunately, you’re not. But maybe one-day technology will catch up”. I was disappointed and wondered when will that happen?

I’m sick of waxing and shaving, and as we all know, body hair is one of the most painful things to deal with so when I heard the news that there is a solution but I, as a person with brown skin cannot avail of it, was a big letdown.

When laser hair removal first rose to popularity, the devices back then cannot distinguish between one’s hair follicles and the surrounding skin if the person had a darker complexion. But times have changed and the technology has advanced tremendously.

12 years after my first enquiry, I had my first skin consultation at SILK Laser Clinics. Now I am an eligible candidate for Laser Hair Removal. Yay! I learnt that there are new laser skincare treatments in the market. SILK Laser uses several medical-grade lasers in their clinics to accommodate different skin types. One called ND: Yag Laser is considered the holy grail of lasers for tanned and olive skin tones. This Laser picks up the darker pigment in your hair and destroys them safely while bypassing the pigmentation present in the skin.



Before coming in for your first treatment:

I used a SILK Brightening Serum for 2 weeks morning and night to make sure the pigment my skin produces is suppressed to get safe and effective results.

I had to make sure there are no products on my skin… no make-up, no lotions, no deodorant, nothing on my skin. I also needed to shave all the areas that I want my hair removed. This is so that the laser can get to the follicle without any hair strands getting in the way. You should never epilate or wax before lasering as the laser targets the hair roots to get rid of the hair.

During Treatment

During the treatment session, the area to be lasered are sectioned off and marked out with a white pencil. The technician then systematically works through every single area ensuring not parts are missed.

The sensation of getting this done is a little like a rubber band flicking the skin. In some areas I could not feel it anything at all. I was thrilled that it was nowhere near as uncomfortable as waxing.


Post Treatment

After having the first laser hair removal treatment, I had to avoid sun exposure for 24 hours. In the days after treatment I used the Post laser pack, I was told this was to combat any responses and to maximise results. The pack included a cleanser to keep the area clean, a scrub to help the hair fall from the follicle, Soothing gel to calm the skin and sunscreen to protect my skin if exposed to UV. I avoided the gym and stayed away from hot showers and baths. After 48 hours, I was good to get back to normal. I continued with my SILK Brightening serum to suppress the excess pigment.

After only one treatment, I saw a drastic change in hair growth. I also see hair falling off weeks after treatment! I’m warning you when you see immediate results, you get a little obsessed. Right now, I cannot wait for the next round of treatment which is in 5-6 weeks after the first one.

So, if you’re a woman of colour, you can have a successful, safe experience with laser hair removal.