You’re engaged! You’ve done your nails to share an announcement on social media and you’ve told your nearest and dearest, but what is next?


Addressing skin concerns is not a quick fix, which is why I started my SILK Skin Journey 18 months prior to my big day.

As a Laser Hair Removal client at SILK Laser Clinics, I was always intrigued by the different skin treatments that were available. Having never had an advanced skin treatment before, (only ever a relaxing facial) I had absolutely no idea where to start.


What is the first step? A Skin consultation.

This was an absolute MUST for skin rookies like me. SILK has a machine called Observ520 and offers this for free to help you understand your skin concerns way deeper than what we can notice ourselves. This is what helps the technician develop your treatment plan, to ensure that you get the best results. I couldn’t afford to purchase everything at once, but together we put a plan in place that would get me results and I could pay as I go.  This gave me comfort as I knew I’d be saving for my big day too and every dollar counts.

Now you could just get the treatments done in clinic without skincare, but it’s like going to the gym but then eating terribly at home… it just won’t work. So, I took the advice of my technician and started to use some of the SILK skincare range at home.

At Home Skincare

We are all guilty of it… our skincare products are often what is on sale at the chemist or supermarket. Now they may not be harming our skin, but I learned that they aren’t helping it the way cosmeceutical products will.

With dryness, uneven/dull skin tone and pigmentation being my main concerns I wanted some products that will help target these in the most cost-effective way possible. The beauty of SILK Laser Clinics, is they understand people have budgets and can work around what you are able to afford and can recommend products from both their skincare ranges; SILK Skincare and Aesthetics Rx. I did not purchase every single product at once, but once I started… I got excited and kept adding to my range.

This is what worked for me.

My Morning Routine:

Double cleanse with SILK Cleanser, Aesthetics Rx Vitamin C Serum, SILK Hyaluronic Acid Serum, SILK Sunscreen 50+

My Night-Time Routine:

Double cleanse with SILK Cleanser, Aesthetics Rx Vitamin B Serum, alternate nights between Aesthetics Rx Vitamin A and Aesthetics Rx Ultimate Serum and finish with Aesthetics Rx Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula


In Clinic Treatments

As someone who previously had not done too many skin treatments, I started quite entry level with microdermabrasion, infusion and LED before progressing into Microneedling.

First 6 months:

Microdermabrasion, Infusion and LED once a month to improve my skin’s health and hydration

6-16 months:

Introduced microneedling and 3D Mask every 6 weeks, and when I felt my skin needed a pick me up, I had a microdermabrasion and LED (no less that 2 weeks before or after microneedling)

Final 2 months

Due to getting closer to the wedding, I went back to Microdermabrasion, infusion and LED to again ensure my skins health and hydration was at its best.

The week of!

It was finally here….. my skin was looking amazing, and with perfect timing, SILK introduced Epidermal Levelling. This is a dream treatment for those wanting to clean the dead skin cells from the skin, but also remove those thin pesky blonde hairs from the face. With this treatment, my makeup was flawless…. I even got a compliment from my makeup artist!


If you are in the midst of planning a wedding… put down Pinterest and head to your local SILK… you will not regret it.