Cell turnover is great to maintain healthy skin. But what is it? No, it’s not just another trendy skin word, it is integral for keeping your skin looking vibrant and fresh!

Cell turnover refers to your skin shedding dead cells and revealing new cells. This reveals youthful, bright and glowing skin. Focusing on cell turnover in your treatments ensures that you won’tl get a build-up of dead skin cells on your face, which result in dull, dehydrated and congested skin.

As your skin is exposed to external factors such as UV radiation, wind, bacteria and dirt the cells begin to move up from the deepest level of your skin to the epidermis or outer layer Throughout this process, your cells harden and die and your body replaces them with new ones.

From the age of 20, our natural ability to turn over our cells reduces and continues to decline every year. By the time we are in our mid 30s it takes almost 2 months to turn over! Dead skin cells are dull in appearance and affect the overall look of the skin. The texture is also impacted and loses its smoothness. Products become less effective as you are applying to dead skin! This means your skin needs a little bit of extra support to prevent dead skin cells from laying on the surface of your skin. So what are our top treatments to help stimulate cell turnover?

Dermal Peels
Our range of dermal peels are excellent for stimulating cell turnover and revealing bright glowy skin! Each dermal peel is designed to target specific skin concerns including exfoliating, pigment, acne, rejuvenation and intensive resurfacing. Still unsure which one is right for you? Book a complimentary skin consult where our trained skin experts will create a program for you to ensure the best results.

One of our most popular treatments is microdermabrasion, which involves using a device to remove dead skin cells through a suction method. This quick, entry-level treatment is the perfect way to generate cell turnover and reveal soft and bright skin. Microdermabrasion is also the perfect solution for congestion as it helps buff away any build-up or debris!

This unique treatment uses a surgical blade to remove any vellus hair (aka, peach fuzz) whilst also removing any dead skin cells laying on the surface of your skin. The treatment is a pain-free method of evening out the skin tone and revealing silky skin!

If you haven’t previously thought about accelerating cell turnover, now is your time. Book an appointment online at your nearest SILK Laser Clinics today.