If there is one resolution you should actually make this year, it is to start wearing (and reapplying!) SPF every day! We don’t need to tell you that SPF is essential to protect your skin from the sun, but did you know it has many other benefits too? Sunscreen plays a huge role in helping to prevent wrinkles, lines and pigmentation.

Sunscreen has come a long way from that greasy formula your Mum used to slather on you before a beach day. With lightweight or tinted formulas you can start adding SPF to your daily skincare routine and reap the incredible anti-ageing and skin-preserving and protection properties.

Wearing sunscreen every day (yes – even indoors to protect yourself from UVA rays travelling through windows!) can help prevent hyperpigmentation, accelerated signs of aging and acne scarring. So what are you waiting for?

Choosing your SPF
Skincare ingredients and labels can be confusing so we’re here to help. There are two types of SPF: chemical and mineral. Both are great, they just work in different ways. Chemical sunscreen features ingredients that help the natural production of vitamin C in the skin whilst also providing you with sun protection. Mineral sunscreen works differently by sitting on top of your skin to protect against the sun. If you’re looking for thick protection, mineral sunscreen is for you. If you’re after a lightweight finish, try a chemical sunscreen! Luckily at SILK Laser Clinics, we have both!

Chemical: Aesthetics Rx Face & Body SPF50 Sunscreen
The Face & Body SPF from Aesthetics Rx uses patented Vitamin D SPF technology to protect the skin from harsh rays whilst still promoting the natural production of vitamin D. The formula of this sunscreen is lightweight and almost feels like you’re not wearing anything on your face at all!

Mineral: Aesthetics Rx Ultra-Protection Sunscreen SPF50
Our ultra-protection sunscreen is a thicker protection while still blending perfectly into makeup. This SPF is best for sensitive skin, doesn’t leave behind residue or a white cast and is very easy to apply!

So make this year the year you don’t skip out on SPF and reap in the benefits. Prevent sun damage, accelerated ageing and more today by purchasing any of our sunscreens in-clinic or online today.