You’ve hit an age where you are suddenly noticing the flaws in your skin and asking yourself… Why didn’t I wear sunscreen? Why did I sleep with make up on? Why didn’t I spend as much on good skincare as I did makeup?

Now if you haven’t asked yourselves these questions, you are blessed, but start now before you end up where the rest of us are. Wondering how the heck we can turn back the clock!

We all know that getting skin treatments is one way to help your skin, but its only doing about 30% of the work – the rest is up to you at home.

Now not everyone is equipped with all of the knowledge about skincare and with so many products on the market, how do you know what one is best for you?

My experience of developing my at home care skin care routine actually started with a friend of mine who was visiting SILK Laser Clinics. For months she has talked about her products and treatments, and we had all started to see results, not only for her skin, but her confidence as well.

I had just turned 28 and decided this was it, I am going to head to my closest SILK and at least get a skin consultation. And boy, am I glad I did.

In just half an hour, I had some images taken of my skin to assess the skin concerns that you and I cannot see with the naked eye and developed a tailored plan for MY skin. I was recommended a few products that my friend was using, but also some new ones that may not have been suitable for her skin. Just shows there is no one size fits all with skincare.

Tips and Tricks I had picked up over my skin Journey at SILK.

Always double cleanse

The first cleanse will remove most of your makeup, but it’s not cleaning the skin underneath. With double cleansing, you can ensure you are starting your routine with a clean canvas. I use SILK Skin Cleanser morning and night.

Exfoliate.. but not all the time

Now this shouldn’t be done all the time but use the SILK Glycolic and Lactic Scrub once a week and you will be amazed. It’s hands down my favourite product.

It’s how you layer

It’s best to just select a few that target your main concerns. Mine were ageing and hydration. For the morning routine after cleansing, I would use Vitamin B and then SILK SPF 50+.  For my night-time routine after cleansing, I applied Vitamin B first and let that soak into the skin for a few moments, then every second night, apply Vitamin A. Now, I am one that loves a thicker night cream to finish of my routine, so the Aesthetics Rx Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula is perfect for me.


I admit that I still get a bit lazy sometimes, but in general, my daily skincare routine is consistent because I have found something that works for me and I am loving the results that I am seeing. I couldn’t thank SILK Laser Clinics for their dedication to getting my skin looking the best it can without spending a fortune. 😊