Great skin starts at SILK. We know skin and only recommend products that work, which is why with two popular skincare brands – SILK Skincare and award-winning Aesthetics Rx, it’s easy to pair back your routine and get noticeable results fast.

Here are the daily skincare non-negotiables we swear by…

Double cleanse
Keep pores free of excess oil and impurities that can damage your skin and worsen conditions such as acne. Cleansers also work to protect the skin from accelerated ageing.

Choosing a serum to target your concerns will be a key player in achieving your skin goals. Serums are the ultimate booster and deserve a place in every routine.

A quality moisturiser delivers long-lasting hydration and primes the skin for the day ahead. A hydrated base is paramount for smooth makeup application.

The most important step in any skincare regime. Even on cloudy days, it’s important to protect your skin from harmful rays. SPF assists in preventing premature ageing and damage associated with sun exposure.

A quality, consistent routine, paired with SILK treatments will leave you feeling your absolute best. We offer free skin consultations where you’ll learn preventative and actionable solutions, including products and treatments to take your skin to new heights.

Get to know your skin on a deeper level and let us create a treatment and skincare plan that is tailored to your skin!

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