The cult-favourite cosmelan® treatment has landed at SILK Laser Clinics!

Let us introduce you to cosmelan®, the world’s leading professional depigmentation method. It works by reducing the dark spots caused by melanin, hyperpigmentation and ageing.

SILK’s cosmelan® Pigmentation Program is a 7-month commitment to your skin! 

The program starts with four weeks of at-home skin preparation, followed by the in-clinic application of the cosmelan® mask. The mask sits on the skin for 8-12 hours (as per skin phototype and instructed by your expert dermal technician) and is then removed at home. The remaining six months of your program occur within the comfort of your own home – except for the recommended LED Light Therapy treatment.

The cosmelan® method has a fast-acting depigmentation and can be used on all skin phototypes from dark to fair.

Its popularity has grown internationally with over one million treatments and the word is spreading fast as it’s such an effective blemish and pigmentation treatment. 

If pigmentation is of concern, book in for a free skin consultation and see if SILK’s new cosmelan® is right for you!

Things to know for your cosmelan ® journey:
Before the appointment

There is a little bit of preparation before you begin cosmelan®. 

Four weeks before

Avoid hair removal, sunburn, skin treatments or cosmetic injectables four weeks before your appointment. At this time you should begin prepping your skin with the Brightening Peel Booster.

Two weeks before 

Avoid hair dye or brow tint two weeks prior. A LED rejuvenation, enzyme peel and 3D mask are also recommended. 

Three days before

Avoid actives (including vitamin A) for three days prior. 

The appointment

Arrive at your appointment with the Avene water spray.

Your skin technician will cleanse your face and remove any excess oil. They will then apply the cosmelan® professional treatment mask to the skin for 8 – 12 hours.

At home:

After 8 – 12 hours, you can remove the mask at home with water.

The skin will be red and hot as the active ingredients gently absorb deep into the skin while treating the deeper layers of the skin where the pigment lies.

After 24 hours, the skin will become redder and the wound healing process will stimulate your skin and begin shedding. Expect some swelling. 

During the first or second week of treatment with the cosmelan® method, the skin will already show improvement. Expect skin flaking and itching for approximately eight weeks after. Do not fret as this means your treatment is working.

After this, your skin shedding will slow down and you’ll notice the skin calming down. Use this chance to take advantage of the take-home skincare pack to cleanse and moisturise the skin.

For the next three to six months, the pigmented will eject from the face through the shedding of the skin. Expect to see a pigmentation spike in this process.

After six months, say hi to radiant skin! 

Book in for your free cosmelan® consult at SILK today! It is a time investment, but we promise the results are worth it!