Facial Volume, Definition & Structure

Cosmetic Aesthetics tailored to you.

Treatments for facial volume are a non-surgical option to create definition, profile and contour areas such as the lips, jawline, chin and mid facial area. 

Our Medical Team listens to your concerns and identifies your needs, using non-invasive treatments and techniques to achieve volume for definition and improved symmetry. 

Benefits of Cosmetic Aesthetics


Volume and structure

Cosmetic Aesthetic treatments can contour and add volume to areas of the face.


Consultations to discuss and assess facial symmetry.


Discuss services that add volume to the face.

Discuss Downtime

Your nurse will be able to advise on any applicable down time.

How it Works

Aging can contribute to volume loss in our faces, collagen production decreases and we can notice visible changes to our skin elasticity. Treatments for facial volume are a non-surgical option to assist with this. 

Cosmetic Aesthetic treatments can also address wrinkles and fine lines, giving your skin a revitalised overall appearance. 

Our medical team, consisting of fully qualified Doctors and Registered Nurses, offer comprehensive consultations for facial volume. Through a consultation our Aesthetic Nurses will discuss a personalised treatment options that may be right for you. 

We provide premium service with best practice standards that strictly follow all legal and medical protocols. Our patients are always our priority. The highest level of service is the SILK standard – your skin, your way. 

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Consultation + Aftercare

What to expect:

Before starting your treatment, you will need a consultation with your Cosmetic Nurse who will conduct an online consultation with the Prescribing Practitioner. From the consultation, an assessment of your treatment plan and prescription will be completed.

Depending on the size of the treatment area, the procedure can take between 15 to 45 minutes.

The area is numbed for your comfort, with the amount of injections administered dependent on the amount of product and desired result from the treatment.

Immediate aftercare:

  • Ice can be used after treatment if needed.
  • Do not exercise, have hot showers, or enter saunas for 24-48 hours post-treatment.
  • Area must not be massaged for at least 48 hours.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face for at least 24 hours post-treatment.
  • Domestic flights should be avoided for 48 hours post-treatment, and International flights for 2 weeks post-treatment.
  • Avoid alcohol and painkillers such as ibuprofen before and after treatment as they can thin the blood and can make you prone to bruising
  • Book a review with your Cosmetic Nurse 2-4 weeks post-treatment
Got Questions? We’ve got answers

At SILK, we understand that having an aesthetic treatment (especially if it is your first time) can be a little daunting, and with numerous options available to you, how do you know what is the most effective and safest to achieve your cosmetic goals?

We only use facial volume products that have a proven safety record. Federal legislation prevents us from naming Cosmetic Aesthetic products on our website. Please book a consultation with our fully trained Aesthetic Nurses at any of our clinics if you have any further questions about cosmetic aesthetic products we use.

Please be aware that results, depending on treatment options, may vary and risk of side effects that will be fully explained to you prior to undergoing any service. These may include swelling, bruising and discomfort which will resolve over a few days. As part of your consultation your Aesthetic Nurse will discuss your medical history, current medications, illness or allergies that may impact on your suitability.  

If you decide to discontinue facial volume treatments, the volume will slowly disappear, and the treated area will return to its original state.  

When booking an online consultation, a $50 deposit it taken this is fully refundable should you not be suitable for any SILK treatment options. The most accurate way to understand cost is during a consultation with one of our Aesthetic Nurses. Due to TGA and AHPRA regulation we are not permitted to advertise costs for S4 medications.


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