Real Customers Love EMSCULPT® in RealSelf Reviews

RealSelf is the leading and most trusted source for people considering an elective cosmetic treatment. That’s why it was such a big deal for EMSCULPT® when RealSelf consumers (who had used EMSCULPT® themselves) gave it resounding praise as a “Worth It” procedure for two years in a row. EMSCULPT® has risen to a coveted spot as one of the 2019 + 2020 RealSelf Most Worth It winners AND one of the most-recommended procedures on RealSelf by confirmed EMSCULPT® patients. So, what is RealSelf? More than ten years ago, RealSelf launched as a destination for people to learn about cosmetic procedures, share their experiences and read reviews from real patients.
    • Every month, millions of RealSelf visitors research procedures
    • RealSelf showcases the industry’s leading procedures, with unbiased patient reviews
    • RealSelf helps consumers to make informed decisions with unparalleled access to before and after photos, and Worth It ratings
The RealSelf “Most Worth It” procedures are determined by patient’s “Worth It” ratings – a satisfaction score based on their first-hand reviews following treatment, and rate it as “Worth It” or “Not Worth It.”

This type of patient-driven recognition shows that EMSCULPT® lives up to the hype

“The day after my first EMSCULPT® treatment I woke up the next day with sore muscles. I felt like I had an intense gym workout the day before. I was amazed! As days went on, I felt my core getting tighter. As weeks went on, I felt like my stomach was getting slimmer. Earlier this month I took my 8-week “after” EMSCULPT® pictures. I was very impressed with my results! EMSCULPT® not only turned my abdominal fat into muscle. It also slimmed down my love handles! I found EMSCULPT® to be very effective for me. I cannot think of any cons. I had a pleasant experience. The process wasn’t time-consuming. It was relaxing, pain-free, and quick. In fact, I was so relaxed I fell asleep during every session.” RealSelf Member Review

RealSelf ‘Most Worth It’ Winner 2019 + 2020 – Key Facts: