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cosmelan® is the world’s leading professional depigmentation treatment.

The cosmelan® method has been designed to reduce the appearance of blemishes caused by excess melanin in the skin. These blemishes have various origins from genetics to ethnicity, gender, pregnancy, oral contraceptive use, menopause, and so on. The sun is also a triggering factor that can increase the incidence of newly appearing blemishes and the reappearance of blemishes already established.

cosmelan® method efficacy has been demonstrated in numerous studies under medical supervision. More than 1 million patients treated worldwide, in any skin phototype (I-VI) and in all ethnicities. If you’re ready to restore your radiance, start your cosmelan® journey in the clinic today.



Treats Melasma, sun damage, age spots


Improves the appearance of uneven skin tone


Visibly brighten dull complexions


All skin types

Suitable for skin types 1-6
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How it works

cosmelan® targets every stage of spot formation. It has excellent results, both short and long-term due to its dual action mechanism: corrective + regulatory.

Using a unique combination of active ingredients, it visibly treats the spot, while promoting skin resilience to help prevent the appearance of future skin discolouration. 

Cosmelan Results
before and after

The client journey

4 Weeks

8-12 Hours


Intense depigmentation

6 Months


Continuous depigmentation  |  Hyperpigmentation regulation  |  Reappearance control

4 Weeks prior to treatment

Introduce Brightening Peel Booster daily as part of your skin care routine.

Treatment Day

Mask remains on skin for 8-12 hrs.
Relax at home for a few days and let cosmelan do its magic.

8-12 Hours

After this time, remove the mask at home. Moderate erythema and heat to be expected.

24 Hours

Start your after care routine. Moderate erythema, strong heat and moderate swelling.

48 Hours

Strong erythema, moderate heat, swelling and itching, mild flaking.

72 Hours

Mild erythema and heat, strong itching and flaking.
Visit clinic for LED.

1-8 Weeks

Mild erythema, moderate itching and flaking.

1-12 Weeks

Expect to purchase additional aftercare products. Recommended weekly LED treatments in clinic.

4 Months

Recommended recovery facial in clinic.

Pigmentation Spikes

An increase in pigment can be noticed around month 1, 2 and 3. This is known as a “hyper pigmentation spike” where the underlaying pigment continues to rise through the layer of the skin to the surface.

In month2-4 expect to purchase additional aftercare products.

After 6 MONTHS you’ll have notably improved skin tone with reduced unwanted pigmentation.

The Finer Details

  • No hair removal to the area 4 weeks prior
  • No sunburn to the area 4 weeks prior
  • No other skin treatments is applied to the area for 4 weeks*
  • Prep using Brightening Peel Booster 4 weeks (Stop using 48 hours prior)
  • No cosmetic injectables to the area for 2 weeks prior
  • A light Microdermabrasion or Exfoliating Peel is recommended 2 weeks prior*
  • No hair dye or tinted brows for 2 week prior
  • No actives, including Vitamin A for 3 days prior is recommended to allow 5 full days of downtime, including the day of treatment, plus up to 4 weeks of skin shedding, this should be taken into consideration when booking treatment around social events and work.

    Arrive on the day of treatment with Avene water spray
    All appointments will be between 9:00am-11:00am only

During the treatment, the skin will be prepped with an oil-removing solution to allow even penetration of the peel. Tingling and a strong smell is expected.

The thick, clay-coloured cosmelan® 1 mask will be applied and must be left on at home for a period of 8-12 hours. The duration will be dependent on Fitzpatrick type and skin condition. During the treatment, whilst the mask is on, a non-active water mist will need to be used to keep the product moist (not wet) to ensure it does not dry out. This product can be purchased at most chemists.

Once the mask has been left on for the desired time, it will need to be completed but gently removed at home using room-temperature water and fibrella wipes, these will be provided by the clinic. Once removed, a small amount of cosmelan® recovery is to be applied and allowed to dry before bed.

The first 2 weeks are likened to strong sunburn, beginning with heat and redness and progressing to peeling.

  • Immediately after removal – Moderate Erythema and Heat
  • 24hours after application – Moderate Erythema, Strong Heat and Moderate Swelling
  • 48hours after application – Strong Erythema, Moderate Heat, Swelling and Itching, Mild flaking
  • 72hours after application – Mild Erythema and Heat, Strong Itching and flaking
  • 72hour – 1 week after application – Mild Erythema and Heat, Moderate Itching and flaking
  • 1 week – 8 weeks after application – Mild Erythema, Moderate Itching and flaking
  • 30 days, 60days and 90 days – An increase in pigment can noticed around month 1, 2 and 3. This is known as a “pigmentation spike” where the underlaying pigment continues to rise through the layer of the skin to the surface.
  • Cold sore sufferers will likely experience a breakout
  • Breakouts are normal
  • Whilst visible changes are noticed throughout the journey, true results are not expected until 6 months Post treatment. A yearly treatment is recommended.
  • No exercise, hot showers, pools, spas, saunas, heaters, air conditioners, or hairdryers for 72hours
  • No picking to the area, allow the skin to shed naturally
  • We recommend mineral makeup only
  • No other skincare or cosmetic injectables are permitted for 3 months
  • No dermal skin treatments are permitted for 6 months,
  • No sun or fake tan to the area for 3 months
  • A strict home care plan is to be followed as outlined in the home care plan, failure to follow this will affect the results

Book a free skin consultation – It’s time to put your skin first.

Pricing Options

Cosmelan Bronze 

Preparation Serum
Cosmelan Treatment
Home Care Kit*
LED Light Therapy Treatment**

Cosmelan Silver

Preparation Serum
Cosmelan Treatment
Home Care Kit*
LED Light Therapy Treatment**
+ Additional 12 LED Light Therapy treatments

Cosmelan Gold

Preparation Serum and Pre Treatment Facial
Cosmelan Treatment
Home Care Kit*
LED Light Therapy Treatment**
+ Additional 12 LED Light Therapy treatments
+ Recovery Facial 4 months post

Got Questions? We got answers

The cosmelan® method is a 7-month commitment to your skin.

Starting with 4 weeks of skin at-home preparation. This is prior to the in-clinic application of the cosmetic Mask (peel). The Mask is a fast and effective 30-minute treatment that is required to be left on the skin for 8-12 hours. From there the program is completed over the following 6 months from the comfort of your own home, with the exception of LED Light Therapy and any other additional treatments you have purchased in your package.

The cosmelan® method is a one-off treatment designed to address all types of pigmentation concerns and is suitable for all skin types, it will lighten, brighten and even the skin tone.

During the first or second week of treatment with the cosmelan® method, the skin will already show improvement. Continuing the at-home product application for the continuing 6 months will achieve optimal results and prevent the reappearance of spots.

Yes, clients of our cosmelan® program will be provided with detailed step-by-step instructions on both pre and post-care requirements.

Your SILK technician will provide you with helpful tips on what to expect and guide you through the program to achieve the best possible results.


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