Rosy cheeks are often a sign of good health but for some, constant deep flushing of the cheeks can be a sign of rosacea. 

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes visible blood vessels and redness on the skin and in some cases causes small bumps and uneven texture. Queries about Rosacea are one of the most common queries we get at SILK and we are pleased to offer a treatment that can reduce visible redness.

Laser Redness Removal is our recommended treatment. Expect a dramatic reduction of fragile blood vessels in the skin and improved skin texture.

Whether you’re partying, embarrassed or just laughing, you won’t need to worry about going exceptionally red in the face. Laser redness removal works by decreasing the appearance of diffused redness while simultaneously strengthening your capillary walls and stimulating cells resulting in a more even complexion. 

We recommend a series of four treatments at six-week intervals for best results with follow-up treatments as required to maintain results. This treatment is one of our favourites to have before an event, as your skin will feel plump and hydrated to the touch while reducing the flushing of skin when laughing, crying or celebrating. What a bonus!

Does it hurt? 

Laser redness removal can be a little uncomfortable, but it is over quickly. Some clients describe the heat of the laser as hot sand being sprinkled on the face – noticeable but bearable.

Is there any preparation? 

At SILK, your skin is our number one priority. Two weeks before your treatment, we will do a test patch to ensure your treatment is effective and prepare the skin using a tyrosinase inhibitor (our go-to is the ARX Ultimate Serum or the SILK brightening serum.) We will never perform a treatment without ensuring your skin is ready. Laser redness removal is a favourite winter treatment, as you will need to avoid fake tan or sun exposure on the area for two weeks prior to protect your skin.

Say goodbye to redness at SILK with our laser redness removal treatment. Book your free skin consult today and say goodbye to unwanted rosiness!