With the pressures of Covid I think we are all having a rethink on how we can really make our money go further. I’ve certainly been missing some of my favourite beauty treatments of late, but I’ve also been doing some calculations on where I can get the best bang for buck. Basically, I want to become smarter with my money!

I was a waxer for years until a girlfriend recommended Laser Hair Removal. I’m halfway through my 10 sessions and I’m loving my results so far.

It’s permanent, quicker than waxing or shaving, and gives me the freedom to step out in my favourite dress, running singlet, or even swimwear without worrying about unwanted hair! No more hasty dry shave as I run out the door and notice some strays!

What you might not know is that Laser Hair Removal is also WAY cheaper than waxing – I did the calculations on my laser treatment of Brazilian and Underarms (yes, I’m that kind of girl who loves charts and spreadsheets…). The best part is, after 10 sessions*, I’ll only need a 1-2 maintenance treatments a year to be hair free.

Note: Assumes 10 initial Laser Hair Removal treatments in the first year, and 1 maintenance treatment per year.  Assumes 12 Waxing treatments per year at the same price as Laser Hair Removal treatment

So, I’ll be saving money after my first year!  And – after 10 years, I’ll have made some solid savings ground! Perhaps a holiday, upgrade my car or maybe by then I’ll be spending money on kids!

I really haven’t looked back since my call to SILK. The savings really add up – and it’s more than just chump change.  I encourage you to work it out for yourself, compared to your regular waxing treatments. Most beauty salons charge about the same or more to wax as SILK do for Laser Hair Removal.

Give it a go, you won’t look back!

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