The shape of the buttocks (your derriere) is defined by the muscles known as the glutes.
Gluteus Maximus
Gluteus Medius
…and Gluteus Minimus.

The Gluteus Maximus is the largest muscle in the human body!

It’s our hard-working glutes that enable us to run, walk, climb, and ultimately achieve an upright posture. Covering these muscle is subcutaneous fat, and well, the fat makes it comfortable to sit!

The buttocks have long been admired from man’s earliest cave paintings to the fine art and sculptures of the Renaissance. Then, in more recent times, the media attention and hysteria on Pippa Middleton at the royal wedding, to Kim Kardashian, and any Hemsworth’s derriere.

Our ‘Glutes’ are located at the posterior of the pelvic region – closely aligned with the lower back and insert into the femur. These muscles are essential in helping us move our hip joints and stabalise the pelvis so we can stand up and remain balanced.

Now, anyone who’s done a stair challenge, snow skied, lunges and ‘bridges’ and many of the other activities we undertake to keep toned, will testify that after a solid workout or extended period gardening may leave you a little tender!

Queue, EMSCUPT! Imagine you could tighten and firm your glute muscles fast and effectively while lying down – not to mention, with no downtime or post work out fatigue. SILK Laser Clinics are proud to be Australia’s number one provider of EMSCULPT, the patented technology that is proven to get results.

While lying on your stomach reading, cruising your phone, or watching Netflix no less, EMSCULPT will contract your glute muscles during a 30-minute session approximately 20,000 times! With that, many contractions taking place in a session, you’d expect to struggle to move after treatment. Thanks to the advanced technology known as HIFEM, lactic acid is broken down, so you don’t leave feeling sore or with muscle fatigue.

EMSCULPT has been clinically proven to increase the volume of all three glute muscles. This overall increase in muscle mass results in strengthening and visibly lifting the buttocks – did someone say perky butt?!

Increasingly, SILK clients are using EMSCULPT to tone their glutes, with abs and upper arms also firm favourites to treat.

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