As a Mum of three children who works full-time, life can be quite chaotic. Between the school runs, work, sports, cooking, cleaning, loads of washing, and social life, I realised I was becoming side-tracked and forgetting to take care of myself. I’d become lost in the sea of life, so decided it was time to do something about it and do something for myself.

My motivation

I promised myself to make more of an effort to look after ME. Getting back into a workout routine and starting to run is great both physically and mentally, but I know from previous experience that for my “mum tum,” it wouldn’t be enough. So, I made an appointment for a consultation with a body specialist at SILK Laser Clinics to discuss my options.

When I arrived at my consultation, I was greeted by the SILK team and my body specialist, Nat. The initial process included the usual forms and questions you would expect regarding my health, medical issues, pregnancies, medications, and any previous treatments. Once these initial forms were completed and reviewed, Nat took me on a tour of the clinic as we made our way to the consultation room. (Note to self, I must book my skin treatments here 😊) We discussed my current lifestyle to see if body sculpting would be a good fit for me. I told Nat that my main priority was my lower and upper abdomen as no matter how much I exercised, there was always a bulge in these areas, I am a healthy build, but this was something that has bothered me since having my children. I felt comfortable knowing I was a good candidate for body sculpting and on further discussion, we decided that a combination of CoolSculpting® and EMSCULPT® treatments would give me the best results.

My consult
After reviewing the areas and my concerns, Nat walked me through the CoolSculpting® & EMSCULPT® process and explained how they both worked. CoolSculpting® works by freezing my fat cells and removing them over 12 weeks.

Nat explained that with traditional exercise, fat cells shrink in size meaning if I gain weight, those same fat cells expand. However, CoolSculpting® removes a percentage of the fat cells completely, so if I did gain any weight, it wouldn’t distribute into the area where the cells had been removed.

What is EMSCULPT®?

EMSCULPT® on the other hand is a HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) device that would make my abdomen contract the muscles thousands of times within a 20–30-minute session. This would help with my abdominal separation gifted to me from carrying my children and provide much-needed core strength that will assist with my training. Having 1 EMSCULPT® session on my abdomen is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups in a 30-minute session! As if I’d really be able to do those on my own! Together the two treatments combined would help me to lose the unwanted fat around my tummy and tighten and strengthen my core.

My treatments

Enough chat, time for treatment. Nat reviewed my main priorities to gauge how many sessions she thought I would need. Using multiple templates to work out the perfect treatment plan for my shape and what I wanted to achieve. Once Nat had marked up all the placements, I needed for CoolSculpting®, she showed me that 8 cycles were all it was going to take to get started. She knew what she was doing and I felt completely comfortable with the plan. The bigger applicator would be used on my lower/middle abdomen and the smaller ones at the top, just under where my bra sits. We decided to start the EMSCULPT® sessions today, I have 6 sessions across 3 weeks, and these need to be at least 48 hours apart.


After taking before photos Nat hooked me up to the device and added the EMSCULPT® paddle to my abdomen. The sensation is so hard to explain, it isn’t painful, but it was odd… there is a pulling feeling alongside a vibration that feels like a giant cat purring. The contractions started low and short, then they got stronger and longer, I did laugh a few times at how it felt, and after a while, a tapping sensation starts to break up the lactic acid that builds within the muscle. I remember watching Kim Kardashian have the treatment and thought it would be more painful. It didn’t hurt but felt a little like someone is knocking from inside! Overall, it was pretty relaxing as you can’t have your phone or any metal devices or accessories on while having this treatment, so it was a good way to lie back and unwind literally. After the session ended, we booked the other EMSCULPT® sessions and my CoolSculpting® session the week after. We discussed what I needed to wear and bring to my session as the process for CoolSculpting® is longer. This meant I needed to prepare for a full-day event.

The second session of EMSCULPT® was completed during my lunch break, in and out. As you aren’t allowed to have any metal items or gadgets, I came prepared with a book. The body technician gave me a buzzer, dimmed the lights, and offered me a blanket. I was made to feel super comfortable and very at ease with the treatment, now it was time to kick back and relax! After my time was up we made sure all my questions were answered and that I was prepared for my upcoming appointment for CoolSculpting®. This will be a much longer appointment, so I need to ensure I have everything that I might need: water, food, loose clothing, socks, phone charger, headphones and anything else to make me feel comfortable. I plan on working through most of the session to keep myself busy and I will also be able to bring my laptop and work from the bed. How’s that for multi-tasking?

On arrival, I was greeted by Nat who took me to the Body Sculpting room. We summarised what we had previously spoken about and the areas we would treat. Nat needed to take more photos before the treatment as I was now fully marked up for treatment – talk about thorough. The device was then placed onto my first section which felt like a cold vacuum. There was no pain, just a slight tingly/pinchy feeling. Nat described the timeline of what sensations may occur before feeling completely numb. She then set me up with a trolley with water, my snacks, my phone, my laptop, and a buzzer in case I needed anything or had any concerns.

She then left me to start my workday from the comfort of the body-sculpting bed – of course, you could watch a movie or just lay and relax, but if I could work and freeze fat, then why not! It certainly kept my mind busy. After the first cycle was complete Natalie performed a very firm massage on the area, this is to break down the frozen fat. It was not painful as I was still numb, she did mention that some clients can nd this uncomfortable and they make sure that the jar of lollies is close by just in case anyone feels a little queasy after the massage We repeated this process 5 cycles which were much the same, we then moved on to my upper abdomen. This felt slightly more intense as it was close to my rib cage and with some readjustment on the bed, it was comfortable. The massage here was rather ticklish and I had to contain my laughter at one point! When all the treatments were completed, Natalie ran over the dos and don’ts and the importance of drinking plenty of water post-treatment. It’s an odd feeling having no sensation in my abdomen and something that I had to get used to. I had dinner plans the night of my treatment and felt ok enough to attend. Before bed, I noticed and could feel I was quite swollen and tender in some areas.

The Next Day
This morning I woke up in a bit of pain, just tender and swollen. There was some bruising evident so I will have a gentle day and relax – skipping my jog. Sleeping is uncomfortable, I sleep on my stomach every night and I’m reminded of when I was pregnant and would sleep on my back. The bruising and swelling are still there. I walked today for 7kms and kept my water intake up. I’ll be sure to take ibuprofen before bed.

Four days after my treatment
We had a work event today – an amazing race-type challenge that meant a lot of walking/running and my body felt great! There’s still some slight swelling but the bruising had subsided. I’m starting to prep for a challenge that I am taking part in for the next 6 weeks and I am so excited to see the results that will come from combining the CoolSculpting® with an exercise routine. I’m still numb in the area.

Week Three
2 weeks into my challenge and I am seeing results, mainly in my lower abdomen. I’ve noticed the swelling is almost completely gone and there is no discomfort or bruising.

Week Five
My sensation is fully back – I have to say that not feeling my own body was the oddest thing. It is hard to explain but jogging and having your stomach rub against your shirt without feeling it outside, but feeling it internally is weirdly wild!

Week Seven
Wow! I can see a huge difference! My challenge has finished but my CoolSculpting® results still have another 6 weeks for them to fully kick in. I am blown away by the difference in my lower abdomen, this is where I usually struggle to lose any fat and it is significantly smaller – I’m keen to do another round but will wait the full 12 weeks before committing.

The verdict
I can say with confidence that CoolSculpting® works! The team at SILK has been nothing short of amazing – from start to finish I’ve felt informed and unjudged. Beginning my treatment plan with EMSCULPT® helped to strengthen my core, a weakness that had been there since I had given birth to my babies, making it much easier for me in the gym and giving me better posture for my running. Following this with CoolSculpting® to remove the excess fat cells that had accumulated and wow, what a combo. Taking your clothes off in front of someone and discussing your insecurities can be overwhelming, and throwing in pinching fat and drawing on your stomach could be mortifying but Natalie made me feel super comfortable and welcomed. She listened to me and devised an effective treatment plan to target my concerns.

I would definitely consider further treatment. I’m really quite proud of myself for combining exercise with technology.

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