In an industry that makes billions off making women feel shitty about themselves and their bodies, I was so thrilled to hear there was actually a non-invasive treatment designed to help fix my abdominal separation (thanks pregnancy!) and strengthen my core, rather than a treatment that promised to reduce body fat alone.

Hailed as J-Lo’s secret to looking utterly fabulous at 50 with rocking abs (that anyone much younger would be envious of), of course I was more than a little intrigued by the process and keen to give EmSculpt a try.

EmSculpt, available at select SILK clinics Australia wide, uses patented HIFEM magnetic pulses to induce supramaximal muscle contractions, equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats in a single 30 minute session. These deep, intense muscle contractions can’t be achieved voluntarily.


I opted to have my abdomen treated because even with my physical activity level, my core is the area that I’m weakest in after the birth of the girls.


Even though I’ve been working out over the last 4 years to improve strength and control of my core, I feel like I always come up short due to hyper mobility in my joints – my hyper mobility means that while I’m very flexible and have great mobility, my muscles need to work extra hard to provide strength and stability.


It also means that in the past I’ve been prone to lower back pain when holding a plank position or during crunches/sit ups.


At the time of writing this blog I’d had 4 treatments over the space of two weeks (SILK sells a pack of 5, with the bonus 5th and last treatment given at your 8 week review) and even after the first treatment noticed an improvement in my posture and tightening through my core. I also noticed that when holding a plank specifically, there was no need for me to come down and reset due to back pain – because I didn’t have any!


Backed by 13 clinical studies, results will vary from person to person, but the average increase in muscle mass in the treated area is upwards of 16% which is incredible when you think of that sort of improvement and all you had to do was lay down.


While you probably won’t have rock hard J-Lo abs after your sessions, what you will notice is a firmness and a tightness that wasn’t there before, with most visible results starting to appear around the 2 week mark. They’ll keep getting better over time, peaking at around your 8 week review. Needless to say, I can’t wait to see my final results!


With the equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats you’d be forgiven if you thought you might need to clutch your sides and brace every time you laugh or want to sit on the loo, but there is absolutely no down time – that totally did my head in! Surely given the tightness and involuntary contractions I experienced during my treatments I’d be rendered useless in the days after due to muscle soreness, but the magnetic pulses are countered with lymphatic tapping to rid the area of lactic acid so you’re free to carry on with your week without any pain.


Anyone will benefit from EmSculpt, however those with a healthy BMI will usually see more visible results. Results may also be better if you are physically active and continue to build on the strength you gained during your EmSculpt treatment by fuelling well, continuing to move your body and getting enough restful sleep.


What I love most about my EmSculpt experience with the team at SILK Maroochydore was the customer service. Their friendly staff were on hand to answer all of my questions (and there were many) and they continued to check in to ensure I was comfortable throughout the whole experience.


I won’t lie – the involuntary contractions are intense. Not painful, but involuntary and powerful to the point where they kind of take your breath away, but Dottie and the team coach you through, reminding you to breathe initially until you’re comfortable, then once you get used to the sensation it’s lights off, music on and relax as the waves come over you.


If you’re interested in finding out more about strengthening your core or lifting your bottom without going under the knife and no down time, slide into my DM’s or shoot the team from SILK a message!


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