How can CoolSculpting help wedding brides get ready for their special day? In a Vogue blog post on the 28th January 2021, the author share ways on how CoolSculpting can help create a more sculpted body for your big day.

“A pre-wedding glow-up to feel and look their best is often on the cards and might include a switch up to a healthier diet, a regular exercise routine, and a visage-prepping plan for glowy wedding day skin. But sometimes, despite even the most rigorous glow-up plan, there are other factors at play that may mean a bride or her bridal party (if they too are on the wedding day glow-up train) can’t quite achieve what they were hoping for pre-wedding. Even with a healthy lifestyle, there are areas of the body with stubborn pockets of fat that are very difficult to reduce without some kind of procedure.

For a bride-to-be, CoolSculpting may be the extra assistance they’re looking for during their pre-wedding glow-up—without having to resort to invasive surgery—to target those unwanted bulges in specific areas of the body.”

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CoolSculpting FAQ

According to Realself, CoolSculpting is the 2nd most popular non-invasive pre-wedding treatment for brides-to-be. There’s no one-fits-all CoolSculpting solution though, as everyone is unique. Your first step is one-on-one CoolSculpting consultation where our expert team will recommend a tailored body sculpting plan just for you.

If you’re still researching, here’s some handy bridal FAQ:

Can I do CoolSculpting instead of diet and exercise?

CoolSculpting works best when combined with a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to remember that CoolSculpting isn’t actually a weight loss treatment – it’s for fat reduction. You’re treating pockets of stubborn fat with CoolSculpting, the bits that are hard to budge, even with diet and exercise. Also, planning a wedding can be a stressful time, so eating healthily and exercising regularly is ideal for supporting your overall health and wellbeing during a hectic time.

What areas should I treat?

Again, everyone is unique and your CoolSculpting treatments will be tailored to you and your goals. As a guide though, popular areas are bra and back fat (especially for strapless, strappy or low back dresses), double chin, arms (triceps), abdomen and flanks (love handles), banana rolls (under butt) and outer thighs.

When should I start?

Results typically peak around 12 weeks after a session. Ideally, you should wait until then before retreating the same area (so you minimise the chance of refreezing already treated fat cells, which is inefficient). Below is a guide to options you should discuss in your CoolSculpting consultation.

Two to Four Months Before Your Wedding

Essentially you have time to treat any area(s) once and see the peak results before your wedding.  You might be able to fit in a second session as well, however those results won’t peak before your wedding. Also, temporary bruising is a common side effect of CoolSculpting. So if you’re treating an area that’s visible on your wedding day (eg. bra or back fat, arms or double chin) take note of how much bruising and how long it lasted after your first session, then plan accordingly and consult with our team before deciding on any subsequent sessions.

Four to Six Months Before Your Wedding

If you start at 6 months before, you should have time to treat any area(s) twice and see the peak results before your wedding. Clinical studies have shown that results are even better when treating multiple areas – up to 27% fat reduction. Talk to our team about your areas of concern, especially if you have already chosen your dress, so we can tailor our recommendations specific to your wedding.

Six to Twelve Months Before Your Wedding

If you’re still dress shopping, keep CoolSculpting in mind to broaden your options. Love a particular dress but wish it fit better in a certain area? Dreaming of strapless but concerned about stubborn bulges? CoolSculpting combined with a healthy lifestyle can help you to meet your specific wedding body goals, so you’re feeling completely confident when walking down the aisle.

Over Twelve Months Before Your Wedding

You have a lot of options! Taking care of your trouble spots well before your wedding can be a huge stress reliever. You’ll be shopping for dresses that flatter your already sculpted figure. Combine multiple CoolSculpting sessions with a healthy diet and exercise to supercharge your final results.

Added Strength?

CoolSculpting can produce amazing results when combined with EmSculpt, our body sculpting treatment that targets muscle and fat. Many clients use CoolSculpting to target stubborn pockets of fat and ‘debulk’ before using EmSculpt to build muscle and fuel further fitness goals. Talk to our team to find out if you’re a suitable candidate for a combined treatment.

Is CoolSculpting Just For Brides?

No, CoolSculpting suits a wide variety of people and we see a lot of patients that want to look and feel their best before a big event. We often see Grooms, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and parents-of-the-bride who are looking for non-invasive body sculpting options before a wedding.


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