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Nurse Maggie Xing

Nurse Maggie recently joined the team at SILK Balmain and brings with her a wealth of cosmetic knowledge and experience in the hospital and cosmetic industry. As part of her experience, she provided a range of non-invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic injectables, dermal therapies, breast augmentation and liposuction as well as assisting with cosmetic surgical procedures and pre/post patient care.

Nurse Maggie’s injectable experience ranges from anti-wrinkle treatments, to dermal filler including full face rejuvenation, PRP, fat dissolving, hyperhidrosis and PDO threads treatments. Maggie is passionate in achieving desirable and natural results that make her clients feel refreshed and rejuvenated. She has a good understanding of her clients wants and desires and matches that with the most suitable treatment.

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