Will you age like your Mum? It’s up to you!

Is great skin determined by your genes (thanks Mum) or is it something you can influence by the way you care for it? Well it’s a yes and no! Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, conducted a study into

We ask SILK’s GM of Skin Aesthetics Nicola about her love for skincare and her go-to products.

How old were you when you first started looking after your skin? I was so fortunate growing up to have a mum fully invested in self-care, even though that wasn’t even a thing when I was growing up! She taught me about honouring the body from the p

Great skin starts at home! What does your shelfie look like?

You’ve hit an age where you are suddenly noticing the flaws in your skin and asking yourself… Why didn’t I wear sunscreen? Why did I sleep with make up on? Why didn’t I spend as much on good skincare as I did makeup? Now if you haven’t a

A flawless face on your Wedding Day

You’re engaged! You’ve done your nails to share an announcement on social media and you’ve told your nearest and dearest, but what is next? PERFECT SKIN! Addressing skin concerns is not a quick fix, which is why I started my SILK Skin Jou
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