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What’s included in an EmSculpt treatment?

An EmSculpt treatment pack for any area includes 4 sessions, to maximise your results. At SILK, we love helping you achieve your body confidence goals. Which is why we’re excited to offer you a complimentary 5th session free, with each EmSculpt treatment pack. This limited time offer is available exclusively to our SILK customers and will be booked in during your initial consultation. Need more info? Learn more about EmSculpt here.

Regular Price
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EmSculpt - 5 x Abdominals Treatment
$1439.20 $1799
EmSculpt - 5 x Buttocks Treatment
$1439.20 $1799
EmSculpt - 5 x Biceps Treatment
$1439.20 $1799
EmSculpt - 5 x Triceps Treatment
$1439.20 $1799
EmSculpt - 5 x Calves Treatment
$1439.20 $1799