Whether you are already a fan or new to laser hair removal, SILK Laser Clinics have your back (and front and sides too!) 

Who wouldn’t want to save money and time with SILK’s most popular service? Here are the five things you should know about Laser Hair Removal. 

1. What actually is laser hair removal?

Laser treatment for hair removal targets and destroys hair follicles during the active growth phase. The energy attracts the pigment in the hair and travels down the hair shaft, destroying the hair at its source – the follicle. At SILK, treatments are performed on the world’s premium Medical Grade Lasers by a Laser and Dermal Technician who is Laser qualified. Laser treatments are quick and effective. Don’t stress! It is not painful and many clients say it feels like a small rubber band flicking the skin. 

2. Avoid deodorant or moisturiser before the appointment: 

Laser hair removal works best on clean and shaved skin. Make sure you skip the moisturiser, fake tan or deodorant before your appointment and use the wipes provided to ensure the skin is clean and ready. We recommend shaving the area the day prior and ask you to wear loose clothing when treating body areas (think after spray tans!)

3. Consistency is key:

We recommend approximately 10 sessions at 6 weeks apart for body areas or 4 weeks apart for the face. Each session targets a growth cycle of hair. You can shave between treatments but don’t pluck or wax as this temporarily removes the follicle we are trying to destroy. A full course of Laser takes around 14 months. After this, the frequency of appointments reduces and you can move on to six monthly maintenance treatments. It is important to be aware that if you don’t maintain these appointments, you will not get the maximum benefits from your laser cycles. Changes in hormones from medication and pregnancy can also impact hair growth.

4. Aftercare is important:

Your laser technician will inform you about what you can or can’t do after the appointment. Avoid sun exposure, exercise, steamy showers or saunas to the treated area straight after your appointment. 

5. You need to use the right post-treatment products:

Your treatment area may retain some heat or swell slightly up to 3 days after your appointment. Ensure you use the SILK Post Laser Care Pack to soothe your sensitive areas and optimise your results. SILK’s post-laser pack includes:

Purifying Skin Cleanser 13%–  to keep the area clean

SILK Soothing Gel – to keep the area cool and bacteria-free

SILK Glycolic & Lactic Scrub 10% – to help the hair fall from the follicle, reducing ingrown

SILK Matte Sunscreen SPF50 – to keep the area protected

Please note: For darker skin tones that tan easily we recommend preparing the area before treatment with SILK Brightening Serum. This will downregulate the skin’s melanin-producing function that can be stimulated with Laser Hair Removal.

You will love the results: 

The most important thing about laser hair removal is that you will love the results. In most cases, only eight to ten treatments are required to achieve the desired result. However, if further Laser Hair Removal treatments are needed after the completion of ten treatments, we promise to provide additional Laser Hair Removal treatments to you at 40% off for the rest of your life!

Ditch the razors and look forward to silky smooth skin. Book your appointment or free consultation with a SILK Laser Technician here.