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SKU: SLK1211 Dry

SILK Glycolic + Lactic Scrub 10%

$59 - 170ml

A special skin smoothing formula combining AHA’s and ocean friendly exfoliating granules, instantly restores radiance and purifies the complexion. A handy ingrown hair preventor post laser treatment, it’s the perfect face and body all-rounder that needs to live in every bathroom. All skin types except red and irritated benefit from the brightening effects of this high intensity decongester.

We love it because: Along with its exfoliating ingredients, glycolic acid, lactic acid and smoothing silica it contains certificated organic pomegranate, kiwi and comfrey root extracts to moisturise and purify the skin.

12 reviews for SILK Glycolic + Lactic Scrub 10%

  1. Lucy V

    Super scrub! My face feels squeaky clean after using. Having sensitive skin, I use weekly, its perfect for getting rid of excess oils and left over traces of make up.

  2. Luchia Gleeson

    Best scrub I have used! I have sensitive skin and this product. Does its job without irritating my skin . Being ocean friendly is the best part rather than the plastic beads used in other brands. It feels so soothing as a scrub and leaves my skin with the best results! 🙂

  3. Shennay J

    This is my go to scrub! I absolutely love it, it leaves your skin feeling so smooth after with out irritation. Being vegan friendly and not tested on animal is also a great plus. Can’t recommend this scrub enough!

  4. Brooke Branch

    This scrub is my absolute go-to for removing fake tan and treating/preventing ingrown hairs (which used to be my ultimate nightmare). I apply it to my skin dry and wait for it to start tingling, then hop in the shower and gently buff it off. It completely changed the game for me – I can’t imagine my bathroom without it.

  5. Kelly C

    I use this amazing scrub twice a week. It leaves my skin so smooth, radiant and refreshed.

  6. Pauline

    Leave the skin so smooth and so bright !

  7. Pauline Schefe

    I purchased the scrub for my legs, but have since found its amazing as a mask for my face. I leave it on for a few minutes, then gently massage and rinse. My skin feels and looks amazing.

  8. Kerin Benson

    I love this product. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now. Not only is it amazing to prevent any ingrown after I have had my laser treatments but I also use it as my exfoliant in my facial routine. The glycolic and lactic acid smooth out my skin by dissolving off those dead skin cells while the beads get into more pores to clear out any excess oil. The key to premature aging is exfoliate and hydrate, so this is your product 3 times a week in the morning. Removes dead skin to allow my treatment serums and moisturizer to absorb better into the skin.

  9. Emily

    I cannot get enough of this product!!! I have used many different scrubs in the past (including glycolic), but none of those compare to this product. The glycolic combined with the lactic acid, always makes my skin feel hydrated afterwards. Not only can you use it on the face, but also has amazing benefits on the body!

  10. Jade J

    This is by far the most amazing scrub I’ve ever used.
    I love that you can leave it on for a few minutes and it’s then an enzyme mask.
    I use this head to toe. It’s fantastic in conjunction with my laser hair removal treatments!

  11. Tara

    Best scrub ever! You won’t be disappointed it leaves your skin silky smooth ❤️

  12. Deb H

    I love this scrub. My face feels baby soft after using it. It is part of my weekly skin care and for a mature skin It’s wonderful.

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