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SKU: ARX-APC2121 Diffused Redness

Aesthetics Rx Bio Fermented Triple Action Scrub

$69 - 125ml

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Bio Fermented Triple Action Scrub is a dull skin triple threat. With three different exfoliating actions each working at target sites and various epidermal depth, be prepared for a serious skin glow-up. The result- super radiant and clear skin in just a few minutes all in the comfort of your own bathroom at home.

All-in-one triple action exfoliant produced with ingredients developed through sustainable biotechnology.

  • Papaya enzymes peel and dissolve dead surface cells
  • Lactic, Mandelic and Glycolic acids renew, brighten and hydrate
  • Polylactic acid eco-beads polish the skins surface for a healthy glowing complexion
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines, discolouration and enlarged pores

Key Benefits of Aesthetics Rx Bio Fermented Triple Action Scrub

The combined action of three exfoliant types, enzymatic, chemical, and mechanical, work at varying depths in the epidermis to ensure a comprehensive, but safe at-home treatment for all skin Fitzpatrick’s (I – IV). Designed to complement and use between in-clinic treatments before special events or as a weekly beauty flash treatment in conjunction with Aesthetics Rx 4D Sheet Mask. Also recommended as a skin priming treatment prior to in-clinic peels and dermal therapies. The use of AHA’s prepares the skin for higher percentage acids used in clinical chemical peels and may assist in preventing complications including post inflammatory hyperpigmentation after various dermal therapies at clinic.

  • Softens, smooths, and reduces the appearance of prematurely ageing skin
  • Instantly brightens dull skin and progressively minimises the appearance of dark spots
  • Decongests and reduces the appearance of problems under the skins surface
  • Anti-inflammatory ingredients soothe and reduce redness
  • Antioxidants brighten and prevent the signs of accelerated skin ageing