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SKU: SLK1331 Acne

SILK Glycolic + Lactic Cleanser 13%

$59 - 100ml

Glycolic & Lactic Cleanser 13% is powered by an AHA duo that brightens, smooths and exfoliates as it deep cleans dirt, makeup and environmental toxins from the skin. For all skin types except irritated, it decongests, purifies and balances healthy oil flow without drying out or stripping the skin of its natural protective lipid barrier.

We love it because: it contains a combination of natural fruit acids, and AHA’s to increase skin cell turnover, exfoliate and even out pigment. Seabuckthorn rich in Omega 7 fatty acids, Vitamins B1, B2 and C conditions and protects the skins surface as all traces of pollution and grime are cleansed away.

5 reviews for SILK Glycolic + Lactic Cleanser 13%

  1. Luchia Gleeson

    Best product I have ever used! I absolutely love the texture and the feeling on my skin also not the mention the results are incredible! Definitely worth the purchase thank you so much for changing my skin for the better. 🙂

  2. Nadia W

    I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!! I have quite an oily skin complexion that is also congested at times. I use this along with the SILK Purifying Skin Cleanser a couple times a week for a deeper clean that controls my hormonal break outs! Highly recommend as it feels amazing on the skin leaving you feeling fresh.

  3. Chaella

    I really like this cleanser. I experience congestion & dullness & use this as my night time cleanser. Leaves my skin feeling smooth, clean & I am noticing a huge difference in my skin.

  4. Elle

    Strips skin of all natural oils – Leaving skin dry & flakey. Staff were pushy to buy this product so I gave it a go. Complete waste of money. Do your research ladies.

  5. Olivia Weekley

    I got this product a couple weeks ago and I cant say enough about how much I love this product! I read other reviews saying how it helped break outs and I must say it has helped me as well! I have used other products in the past that where not from silk and they did not help at all. I use this every 3 days as well as the Purifying Skin Cleanser daily and it has helped me so much! I highly recommend this product to everyone. This has also made my skin more smooth and looks so much softer and even. Thank you Silk for another amazing product!

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