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Pre & Post Procedure Skin System Kit

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Introducing the Aesthetics Rx Pre & Post-Procedure Skin System.

In your quest for radiant, healthy skin, turning to a skin care professional can offer a range of dermal therapy skin treatments customised to your unique skincare needs. Whether it’s a mild chemical peel, microneedling, or microdermabrasion, these treatments promise to transform your skin, address specific priorities, and boost your confidence.

Once you’ve decided to embark on a dermal therapy skin treatment, proper skin preparation becomes crucial for achieving optimal results and minimising any unexpected outcomes when your skin isn’t quite ready.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about preparing your skin before dermal therapy treatments to maximise results.

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Key Benefits of Pre & Post Procedure Skin System Kit

This kit contains the top four products required to prepare the skin for safe and effective clinical treatments, and there is a saving of over 20% on the regular retail price.
The active ingredients used in clinic treatments will interact with your skin more easily and effectively if the skin has been exposed to them in the weeks leading into the treatment. This includes the use of an appropriate cleanser plus tyrosinase inhibiting ingredients, retinol, Alpha Hydroxy acids (AHA’s), and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHA’s). Aesthetics Rx Pre & Post Procedure Skin System contains four specific products, that virtually every skin type can use to prepare for upcoming clinic treatments.
It is always advisable to add a sunscreen SPF50+ to pre & post facial treatment homecare. The system is designed to be started a minimum of 14 days prior to your clinical skin treatment. Pause using these products for a minimum of 3-7 days pre and post-treatment, resuming only when your skin is calm, and your skin barrier is restored. If irritation occurs cease using immediately and discuss with your skin specialist before resuming.
Kit includes:
Refining Mousse Cleanser 200ml
Bio-Fermented Triple Action Scrub 125ml
Vitamin A Serum 30ml

Ultimate Serum 30ml

Save $77 (Valued at $376).