When undergoing Laser treatments it is important to remember that:

  • The effectiveness of the treatment will be determined by the type, colour and depth of the pigmentation along with the condition of the skin.
  • A test patch will be performed prior to undergoing treatment, this will be reviewed and if successful the treatment will be completed.
  • Both the client and operator are required to wear protective eyewear designed to filter the specific wavelength generated by the laser, regular eyewear is not designed to do this.
  • All clients undergoing Pigmentation treatment at SILK will be required to prepare the skin 2-4 weeks prior to undergoing laser treatment in order to ensure client safety and achieve the best possible results.


  • SILK Soothing Gel must be applied for 3 days post laser treatment AM and PM in place of any other moisturizer.
  • SPF must be applied to all treatment areas and sun exposure must be avoided at all times.
  • If the area is feeling hot directly after the treatment this can be treated by either using the SILK Soothing Gel or a covered ice pack for small intervals.
  • Commence the use of your recommended home care products no sooner than 3days post treatment, for any products containing Vitamin A please wait for 7days.
  • Do not exfoliate or scrub the treatment area for at least two weeks after the treatment, at this stage it is recommended to have a Microhydrabrasion treatment.
  • Avoid excessive physical activity, hot showers, pools, spas and saunas for up to 7days post treatment.
  • For facial treatments, SILK recommends the use of Colourscience Mineral makeup which can be applied directly after the treatment to calm and conceal the area if needed.



Throughout the treatment your technician will monitor your skin’s response, below are some indications that are normal and can be a sign of an effective treatment. Please note that these indications can be visible on the treatment area throughout the healing process, should they extend pass 7days post treatment please contact your clinic.


  • Erythema, or redness, to the treatment area which will feel very similar to sunburn.
  • Localized swelling of the treatment area.
  • The pigmentation will continue to deepen in colour for up to 48hours post treatment, this will then crust and flake away which can take up to two weeks depending on the condition of the skin.



In most cases, if you follow our recommended guidelines, potential adverse reactions can be avoided. However below are some of the common reactions that can occur:

  • Hyperpigmentation (darkening) or Hypopigmentation (lightening) of the skin in the treated area.
  • Herpes Simplex virus activation.
  • Increase in oil or a pustule breakout.
  • Histamine reaction for allergy sufferers, an antihistamine can be taken 1 hour prior to treatment.
  • In very rare cases blistering.
  • Purpura or slight bruising can occur generally when a vascular condition is present or when blood thinners, i.e. Aspirin, Warfarin, Vitamin E, Fish or Krill Oil are taken regularly.
  • Development of infection that, in very rare cases, can lead to scarring.

It is essential to follow to pre & post treatment instructions to minimize the risk of an adverse reaction.

If you have an adverse reaction please contact the clinic immediately to ensure the correct steps are taken to treat the area.

Should you have any concerns throughout your treatment plan please speak with your SILK Laser Technician.



  • Do not wax, or laser the treatment area for at least 2weeks prior to laser.
  • Do not expose the treatment area to the sun throughout your treatment plan.
  • Ensure that any fake tan, body moisturizer, makeup, deodorants or perfumes have been thoroughly removed as these can impact your results.
  • Be sure to prepare your skin using the recommended products a minimum of 2weeks prior to your treatment.


Maintenance is the key to long lasting results at SILK because pigmentation can reoccur with sun exposure it is important to take care of your skin even after your course of treatments has been completed.


To ensure lasting results:

  • At the completion of your recommended treatment plan you will be booked for a Review to assess your results, please discuss any concerns you may have with your technician.
  • SPF is critical in the prevention and reformation of pigmentation, ensure that you apply liberally and regularly to the treatment area plus any surrounding areas.
  • The use of your prescribe home care will also ensure that your skin remains healthy and strong preventing the re occurrence of pigmentation and other skin concerns.

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