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SKU: ARX-APC2111 Diffused Redness

Aesthetics Rx Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil

Original price was: $79.Current price is: $63.20. - 150ml

Scientifically formulated hydrophilic cleansing oil, removes and shields the skin from pollution, brightens the complexion, supports the microbiome and strengthens the skins barrier as it gently cleans. Instantly melts away makeup, even longwearing and waterproof formulas while preserving the skin’s delicate balance. Transforms into a silky milk on contact with water and completely releases impurities leaving the skin clean and superbly comfortable.


Key Benefits of Aesthetics Rx Anti-Pollution Cleansing Oil

Silky, sublime textured oil delicately scented with an aromatic fusion of pure natural oils, provides triple anti-oxidant shelter and gently detoxifies with the Lipochroman® molecule. Biome Oleoactif®, an eco-designed active reinforces epidermal barrier integrity, supports and preserves the skins microbiota.  Packaged in an airless pump to protect light and air sensitive actives until the very last drop. When the luxurious hydrophilic oil texture transforms on contact with water to a light silky milk, it glides onto the skin instantly melting every trace of makeup, even waterproof, but it doesn’t leave a trace of residue, just pure, fresh, healthy skin.

  • Balances sebum and excess oil on the skin’s surface
  • Prevents TEWL
  • Decongests
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Protects skin DNA to help repair previous damage and protect against future accelerated ageing
  • Improves skins defence mechanisms against oxidative stress
  • Repairs and restores a healthy skin barrier