Observ 520 Skin Analysis


Discover below the surface

How well do you really know your skin? Discover what’s actually going on below the surface in real life with an Observ 520 Skin Analysis. Using advanced camera technology, we’ll dive deep beneath the skin to understand, diagnose and detect any underlying concerns.

With your SILK dermal technician’s expertise, you’ll gain knowledge, and preventative and actionable solutions with recommended products and treatments to take your skin game to new heights.

Observ 520 Skin Analysis Benefits


Stop guessing

Bringing you a personalised treatment plan that’s detailed with your skin’s unique DNA.

Track your skin journey

Keep in touch with your skin and track your progress throughout and after treatments.

Protect your skin

Prevent future damage by understanding what works for your skin and proactively target underlying skin issues.

Ready when you are

Gain insight into your skin health, be informed and feel more confident in the real results our treatments provide.

All skin types

Suitable for skin types 1-6

How it works

A powerful diagnostic tool, Observ 520 is a dynamic camera that generates a series of images using specialised lighting to provide a deeper insight into skin concerns and level of damage at a cellular level.

In just a few seconds, the Observ 520 will scan your skin and take a series of images that you’ll then see on an iPad. See your skin as you’ve never seen it before!

Get ready to know your skin up close and personal, identifying concerns around fine lines, wrinkles, texture and pores, inflammation and vascular damage, skin abnormalities, oil flow, congestion and pigmentation.

What to do before and after treatment

Prep + Aftercare

There is no need to prepare your skin before or after treatment – it’s such an easy process. 

During treatment a light will flash at the beginning of each photo, lasting only a few seconds.

If you have light-triggered epilepsy, open cuts or abrasions, cold sores or claustrophobia, please let your SILK dermal technician know and we will assist accordingly.

Got questions? We’ve got answers.
  • The information gained from your photographs will enable your SILK Laser and Dermal Technician to create a customised and informed treatment plan for you. With the advanced range of skin treatments and cosmeceutical skincare on offer at SILK Laser Clinics your prescribed treatment plan will be tailored for you, so you can enjoy the skin you have always desired.
  • You can track your progress with your technician by comparing before and after images post treatments. We can also email you your images so you can take home your photos for post-consult review.
  • Prevent future imperfections by using the right products and a professional skin analysis & treatments today.
  • The Observ 520 skin analysis is 100% safe, painless and very informative!

Nothing. We are excited to bring the benefits of the Observ 520 to all clients who book a skin Consultation and treatment. We know you will be intrigued and learn so much about your skin.

Book for a FREE Observ 520 Skin Analysis with our skin professionals for any Skin Treatment.

Book a free skin consultation – It’s time to put your skin first.


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